Ser. aurantiaca. DNA was extracted from flower or leaf material dried in silica gel, according to the guidelines of Chase & Hills (1991), using either one of two methods, the modified cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)–chloroform protocol of Doyle & Doyle (1987) and the DNeasy Plant mini kit (Qiagen), following the manufacturer's recommended protocol. In this study, we analyzed and characterized the detail of stem and leave as well as flower morphological structure of P. hangianum collected from Tuyen Quang, Vietnam. strong>English Độ tương đồng về trình tự nucleotide của mẫu nghiên cứu so với một số loài trong chi Paphiopedilum dao động từ 99,13 - 99,85% (GenBank: MK161066.1, AB176547.1, JQ182212.1, JQ182211.1, JN181467.1, JN181466.1 JN181465.1, JN181468.1, JQ182209.1).